Tomahawk Owners on Facebook

Tomahawk Owners on Facebook    


In 2014 Imogen Makepeace set up a Facebook group called Tomahawk Owners, so owners

could share their experiences with fellow sailors. Only 5 joined, however, this allowed us to

share pictures, experiences and information easily.

The Tomahawk owners group on Facebook has been set up as a Closed group, which allows

everybody to find the group, but only shares postings if you are accepted as a member.

I would like to reach out for more owners to use this group. So if you are already a Facebook

user, just bring up Facebook from your Mobile or PC, then type in the Search box Tomahawk Owners and select it.

You will then be presented with a screen similar to below, where you just click on Join Group



Once you have been accepted to the group you can; write posts, add pictures, events or in

info you can view; members, Videos, Photos, Albums, Events etc.

If you do not have an account, it is quick and easy to register:

You need; Your name, email address, DOB, gender and a new password.

Then to create your own account, just enter on your PC or install the


Facebook App on your phone and register.

  1. You can change your preferences to limit adverts, manage who sees your information

and notifications you receive etc.

Doug Baynton

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