Tomahawk Owners Association Officers


Andy –  Bremner

Boat  –  Mischief

Sailing area – East Coast.



George Readman

Boat  Rainbow Chaser (formerly  Norfolk Jewel 2)

Sailing area  –   Firth of Forth

Technical Officer

Graeme Foster 

Boat  –  Tah Tek

Sailing area  –  North East

Social Secretary

Doug Baynton

Boat  –  Sold Vandini so no boat at present

Sailing area  –  East Coast

Publications Editor

David Woolard Kingston

Boat  –  Huron

Sailing area  –  East Coast


Tony Hepworth

Boat  –  Rebellion

Sailing area  –  Solent

Committee Member

Roger –  Bayliss

Boat  –  Sierra

Sailing area – Bristol Channel.



Committee Member

Don Baines

No boat at present

Past Commodore and Technical Officer

Sailing area – East Coast

Used to own Malibu

Committee Member

Bill Garrod

No boat at present

Past Commodore 

Used to own Crystal 

Overseas Representative
Marko Canadija
Boat  –  Bora II
Sailing area  –  Croatia

North East  Representative

Andy Bremner

Boat – Mischief

Sailing Area – North East Coast

Scottish Representative

Gavin Campsie

Boat – Blackfoot

Sailing Area – 

East Coast Representative

Sailing Area – East Coast