Tomahawk Production

Tomahawks were produced by Marine Construction (Marcon) from 1970 to 1979 and then by
Seaborne Engineering (who took over after Marcon went into liquidation) from 1979 up to their demise in late 1985. We’re not sure of the production history at Seaborne, and following on the production history becomes even more vague. Challenger Sailcraft moulded or moulded and finished (at least) 8 hulls up to (at least) 1990. It is understood that about 292 Tomahawks hulls were moulded for in-company completion and also sold for completion at ‘home’ or by other boat builders. Sometimes then, the build completion/commissioning date will be years after the moulded date. In addition, some Mark I’s have had the hatch type changed, also the dinette layout was offered after the Mark III’s were in production. Here is our current best ‘estimate’.


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