Map showing locations of Tomahawks

              Google map showing the location of Tomahawks

Tomahawk search using Google maps
You can now search for all known Tomahawks anywhere around the world, (currently 140), on your Laptop/
PC/Tablet or phone. To bring up the Tomahawk Search map, copy this Link into your browser:
For PC’s, you should see below, there are some minor differences for tablets and phones:
1. Key to Icon Colours
2. Toggle for full list of Tomahawk Names and a scrollbar appears
3. Toggle between Satellite view / Outline view
4. Search – Just click and start typing, this will find Tomahawks and place names
5. Click to select collapse map legend to maximise view, click MAP LEGEND box to restore
6. Zoom, also use mouse zoom; double clicking button 1 or 2, to scroll hold button1 and move
7. Click to toggle zoom between km or miles
8. When you click on any Tomahawk a name panel will appear as below:

1. Select Photo for full screen view
2. Click arrow to return to Tomahawk list and select another boat
3. Selected Boat highlighted
4. Current Scale if zoomed in will be retained for next selection
Please check your boat information, if you would like to add pictures or change information; email me
at or connect on our FB groups, also please keep an eye out for any new
Tomahawks or one of the green boats, to confirm their existence.

I would like to explain how I managed to get this information on so many Tomahawks both new and old.
Firstly, the Tomahawk Owners Association had a number of spreadsheets going back years with information
on members boats. I combined these to establish boats that were renamed and ones that we
knew were still active plus their location, leaving a lot of unknowns (green icons), but giving me around
100 Tomahawks for the map. Then I turned to the Facebook groups and informed both TOA members
and non-members of my task; for me this opened a great new source of data and was fascinating, quite
a few were aware of other Tomahawks in their area and two in particular; John Glover and Scott Henderson,
were very pro -active and we became a Track and Trace Team, they informed me of other boats
for sale around the UK and I contacted the sellers, John even found one outside a local factory, which I
contacted. Even in Croatia, Marko made me aware of another Tomahawk, in his country at a University.
All of this filled in many gaps and has bought the figure now up to 140. So please, if you see another
Tomahawk, keep me updated and keep this map live. Many thanks!
Doug Baynton Vandini